S1, E5 “Getting Unstuck, with a Road Runner and the Beach”

A slug, probably found at Bernheim Forest, maybe T. Sawyer or Red River Gorge...maybe 😉 Photo by H.M. Carter S1, E5 Birdbros the Podcast Join me as I try to get unstuck with a drive to New Mexico, a pretty cool bird and some inward thinking. Thanks for listening and supporting Birdbros. And a big… Continue reading S1, E5 “Getting Unstuck, with a Road Runner and the Beach”

BirdBros, the Podcast

S1 E4 “Humility? Ego? Anyone?”

Frozen Fractals of Ice in a fallen logH.M Carter 2019 S1, E4 "Humility? Ego? Anyone" May 12th, 2020 Join me on a journey through the many dimensions of Humility and Ego. How do you find humilty through the sea of ego and why do you need to? Here's to creating a conversation to bring us… Continue reading S1 E4 “Humility? Ego? Anyone?”

BirdBros, the Podcast

Birdbros, S1, E2 “Journey to Journal”

Dense collection of orange mushrooms found at Bernheim ForestH.M. Carter Season 1, Episode 2 Birdbros, The Podcast by Sunshoal Join me as I discuss my re-found embrace of journaling and the challenge to get there. Also, tidbits on how to find and maintain strokes of gratitude. Let's deepen our experience, together! If you are interested… Continue reading Birdbros, S1, E2 “Journey to Journal”

BirdBros, the Podcast

Birdbros, the podcast LAUNCH!!

Good Morning! I am excited to announce that Birdbros, the podcast will now be available via Anchor and Spotify (and hopefully more platforms to come). The first episode has been released on Anchor and Spotify. I will include the link below. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting it available right here at our home base… Continue reading Birdbros, the podcast LAUNCH!!

The Cookbook for the Curious

Recipes for Disaster

Enjoy a new Youtube venture, Recipes for Disaster. We all love to narrate our explorations in cooking as though we are the star of a Food Network hit, don’t we? If not we, then I. Because I sure do! Join me as I create a fun, meditative guide to all your meal-time stressors on this… Continue reading Recipes for Disaster