The Cookbook for the Curious

Pork N’ Beet Stew…You just can’t beet it!

Ingredients: 1 bunch of beets (golden preferred) and save the greens Onion Spices: Sesame seeds, powdered ginger, salt & pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder/garlic. Tomato sauce Flour or corn starch etc (thickener) Chicken Stock BUTTER!! Now, here's how we do it! Cut and peel those beets and save the greens, just slice them right off… Continue reading Pork N’ Beet Stew…You just can’t beet it!

BirdBros, the Podcast

Birdbros, the podcast LAUNCH!!

Good Morning! I am excited to announce that Birdbros, the podcast will now be available via Anchor and Spotify (and hopefully more platforms to come). The first episode has been released on Anchor and Spotify. I will include the link below. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting it available right here at our home base… Continue reading Birdbros, the podcast LAUNCH!!

The Cookbook for the Curious

Recipes for Disaster

Enjoy a new Youtube venture, Recipes for Disaster. We all love to narrate our explorations in cooking as though we are the star of a Food Network hit, don’t we? If not we, then I. Because I sure do! Join me as I create a fun, meditative guide to all your meal-time stressors on this… Continue reading Recipes for Disaster