The Nature Devotional

Killdeer! No, don’t kill deer, its a bird!

This weeks Get To Know Your Neighbor goes to the friendly groundnester, the Killdeer. You may find a sweet little Killdeer like I did, plodding along a gravel road adjacent to some open fields near water. The field will likely be well-groomed, cut short, no taller than an inch. Mayhaps at a golf-course or open… Continue reading Killdeer! No, don’t kill deer, its a bird!

BirdBros, the Podcast

Birdbros, the podcast LAUNCH!!

Good Morning! I am excited to announce that Birdbros, the podcast will now be available via Anchor and Spotify (and hopefully more platforms to come). The first episode has been released on Anchor and Spotify. I will include the link below. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting it available right here at our home base… Continue reading Birdbros, the podcast LAUNCH!!