The Spirit Journal

Sexual Freedom: An ongoing journey through child sex abuse and adult healing

It has been a long time now since I have posted anything in the written blog portion of Sunshoal, let alone the podcast. As is true for some many of us, this year has been compounded and compacted with trials and stressors, then some triumphs, then more trials. Above it all, I am finding growth.… Continue reading Sexual Freedom: An ongoing journey through child sex abuse and adult healing

BirdBros, the Podcast

Where Can We Talk?

The world talking Photos by H.M. Carter 2019-2020 Birdbros, The Podcast is now available on many major streaming providers! Here are the easily accesible links to them all! Here's to deeping our experience, together! Spotify Link, Birdbros, The Podcast

BirdBros, the Podcast

S1 E3 “Just Pause”

A fern at Knob Creek State ForestH.M. Carter 2020 Join me as I find stillness between everyday action and contemplate the meaning of mediation. Also a shot at impromptu guided meditation. A short podcast to share and connect to our inner pause! Let’s deepen our experience, together. If you are interested in appearing as a… Continue reading S1 E3 “Just Pause”

BirdBros, the Podcast

Birdbros, S1, E2 “Journey to Journal”

Dense collection of orange mushrooms found at Bernheim ForestH.M. Carter Season 1, Episode 2 Birdbros, The Podcast by Sunshoal Join me as I discuss my re-found embrace of journaling and the challenge to get there. Also, tidbits on how to find and maintain strokes of gratitude. Let's deepen our experience, together! If you are interested… Continue reading Birdbros, S1, E2 “Journey to Journal”

BirdBros, the Podcast

Birdbros, the podcast S1, E1 “Quarentine Thoughts”

An old photo I took during an early winter morningH.M. Carter 2018 Season 1, Episode 1 "Quarentine Thoughts" Birdbros, By Sunshoal Welcome to the first episode of Birdbros, The Podcast. Brought to you by Sunshoal. Enjoy this first episode where we delve into my thoughts and experience of this interesting quarentine due to COVID-19. I'll… Continue reading Birdbros, the podcast S1, E1 “Quarentine Thoughts”

BirdBros, the Podcast

Welcome to BirdBros, a friendly introduction

BirdBros, a preview 2020 Coming to a device near you March 3rd, 2020! Beginning in March 2020, Sunshoal is bringing a podcast to you! Introducing BirdBros, a podcast on all things...that's right all things! Join me as I try to scrounge up friends, family or near strangers to discuss any wonder of the world--from our… Continue reading Welcome to BirdBros, a friendly introduction