The Nature Devotional

Killdeer! No, don’t kill deer, its a bird!

This weeks Get To Know Your Neighbor goes to the friendly groundnester, the Killdeer. You may find a sweet little Killdeer like I did, plodding along a gravel road adjacent to some open fields near water. The field will likely be well-groomed, cut short, no taller than an inch. Mayhaps at a golf-course or open… Continue reading Killdeer! No, don’t kill deer, its a bird!

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Bernheim, a photoblog

Photoblog one of many, I'm sure A snapshot of one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of being during my time on earth. I fell in love with nature, life and myself in this magical and wonder-ful forest. Beyond the gates that lead to the empty, untempered forest that healed and… Continue reading Bernheim, a photoblog

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Roadside Attractions: Frost

A Photoblog! There is so much to be seen, resting right under our noses are some the most beautiful spectacles on the planet. What's on your roadside? Sometimes the (not so) rare beauties are sitting right next to a piece of garbage or in the center of a median. Create a searching image for beauty,… Continue reading Roadside Attractions: Frost

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Rising On A Cool Night

Cactus are quite a unique plant with quite unique strategies for surviving in harsh conditions. Some of the most unique and interesting people I have met are those who have developed unique strategies to not only survive harsh conditions, but grow and love through them. out this link to an interesting article about these… Continue reading Rising On A Cool Night

The Nature Devotional

At Least We Still Get A Tern

This week's Get to Know Your Neighbor goes to the Least Tern! The Interior Least Tern, to be specific. The 'that's a mouthful!' version of his name you ask? Sternula antillarum athalassos. Like many shore birds, the Least Tern has shown heavy population decline in recent years. Their population falling a staggering 88% between 1966… Continue reading At Least We Still Get A Tern

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Get to Know Your Neighbor!

In this weeks Get to Know Your Neighbor... Wildflower of the week goes to...Asiatic Dayflower! Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis) Dayflower Family (Commenlinaeae) There are many common Dayflower you may encounter throughout your life and certainly your day. If you live in the more Mid-West to North Eastern part of the United States like I do,… Continue reading Get to Know Your Neighbor!