BirdBros, the Podcast

S1, E6 “Mind and Music: How today’s music influences today’s youth…or does it?” FEATURING: Guest Star Janie Burch from Corn Culture

A fossil I found somewhere, Miraculously heart shaped as we all should be. H.M Carter
S1, E6 Birdbros the Podcast FT. Janie Burch//WARNING: Explicit Language (reference)

Join Janie Burch and I as we explore today’s, yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music through curious and open discussion. As we talk we boil down the meaning, purpose and energy of today’s Pop Music for those of us who may not fully understand or be quick to judge. Asking and (possibly, at least for us and for now) answering questions like: Is it toxic for today’s youth? Do we need to censor it? How does it serve us? What is the responsibility of the musician? Listener? And how can we effectively support or inhibited our children listening habits and do we even need to?

In the end, we get down to a lot more than just music…which really is what music is all about. It’s a human thing. This is how we use it.

Janie Burch is a student living in Louisville, KY. She is an English major with a very special and technical certificate in Technical Writing. In her free time, she plays French horn, guitar and ukulele, deepens her music library, reads, paints and dotes on her Shih-Tzu, Remy. You can listen to her Pop Culture podcast, “Corn Culture” where she and her childhood BFF, Madison, explore the wonders of popular culture and its influence. We here at Birdbros and Sunshoal are honored to have her as our very first guest! Finally we got someone!! Hooray!

Thanks so much, Janie.

If you would like to check out Corn Culture, visit:

Thanks for listening!

Here’s to having the good in the day! Thanks for helping us to deepen our experience, together.

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