The Cookbook for the Curious

Pork N’ Beet Stew…You just can’t beet it!


1 bunch of beets (golden preferred) and save the greens


Spices: Sesame seeds, powdered ginger, salt & pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder/garlic.

Tomato sauce

Flour or corn starch etc (thickener)

Chicken Stock


Now, here’s how we do it!

Cut and peel those beets and save the greens, just slice them right off the top. I use kitchen scissors. Chop beets in bite sized pieces–they gotta fit in your mouth.

Great! Now cook those suckers up in a sauce pan or a pot large enough to fit a stew. Cook with onions with TWO tabs of that butter and 1-2 cups of chicken stock. Eyeball it.

Once it has simmered a while and is starting to cook up, add your greens.

Cover and stir occasionally for about 5-7 minutes. Eyeball it.

Add your tomato sauce and pinches of each salt to taste. Only you know how you like it…here’s a tip, add more garlic powder and ginger.

In a separate frying pan, cut pork into cubes (or cook whole and cute later) and fry in BUTTER!!

Bring those beets and veggies up to a hot boil.

Next, add about a handful of thicker (flour, cornstarch, gelatin etc) to get it up to thickness. Again, eyeball it. You know the texture.

Add the 1/2 pre-cooked pork at the end. Plate. Add 1/2 of the pork on top at end.


Tastes great plain or on a bed of rice or smaller pasta (like orzo).

And remember, Eyeball it 😉

You just can’t beet it!

poor quality photo of a high quality meal 😉
Pork n’ Beet stew, H.M Carter 2019

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