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Roadside Attractions: Frost

A Photoblog!

There is so much to be seen, resting right under our noses are some the most beautiful spectacles on the planet. What’s on your roadside? Sometimes the (not so) rare beauties are sitting right next to a piece of garbage or in the center of a median. Create a searching image for beauty, curiosity and appreciation of all the little and bigger things right in our own neighborhoods–no matter what the zip code. This is the happiness.

Early Frost

Crescent Hill, Louisville, KY 2019

E.P. Tom Sawyer Park January 2019

Sunrise walks to welcome (and weather) the New Year

E.P. Tom Sawyer Park January 2019

In the sheer bright light of winter,

A Hike In Tom Sawyer February 2019

Bernheim Winter Early 2019

And some geese in my neighborhood on my way there…East End Louisville…titled, “Ducks on Ice!”

All Photo Credit to Hanah M. Carter 2018/2019