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Bernheim, a photoblog

Photoblog one of many, I’m sure

A snapshot of one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of being during my time on earth. I fell in love with nature, life and myself in this magical and wonder-ful forest. Beyond the gates that lead to the empty, untempered forest that healed and found my heart are the true treasures of Bernheim…despite the massive and impressive artworks of the Giants that now occupy the forests’ kept grounds and much of the attention on it. These photos, to me, highlight the natural essence of the forest and the heart we need to protect, enjoy and preserve.

All Photo Credit to Hanah M. Carter 2018/2019

To learn more about the forest located about 30 minutes outside Louisville in Clermont, KY visit their website

There are excellent volunteer opportunities and programs (like the N.I.T naturalist training program I belong to), classes and educational hikes and programs for children to adults and all in between. It is a great community of people inspiring learning, play, joy, curiosity and “Connecting People with Nature”, their tag line concept. The forest now faces some trial and opposition, so feel free to learn more about that and how you can help…contribute in any way you can whether through monetary donations, outreach through volunteering, or simply spreading the world via social media and the best old fashion way of word of mouth. Or even just by enjoying the forest and its wonderful donations and gifts to our earth, including us humans.