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Floral Tape Figurines

Where we spend our time, I’ve found, has a huge impact on what we are inspired to do–regardless of that’s through artistic ventures or simply the way we speak and behave in each moment.

Believe it or not, working at a florist has its ups and downs, and one of the ups is the inspiration around every corner. We use lots of interesting tools and materials in our everyday work, surprisingly enough. I’ve come to enjoy making these little figurines out of floral tape, floral wire, pins which we use for corsages and boutonnieres, ribbon and scraps of trash paper I find around.

To any of my co-workers, don’t worry! I get my own supplies at the dollar tree now 😉

As you walk through your world, there are lots of wonderful discoveries waiting to be found and lots of them waiting to be created out of whatever ‘junk’ you may see lying around.

Next time your kid/you gets dance flowers, save the pins! They make the best eyes.

One of my things to say is, ‘Have the good in the day! It comes with all the bullshit anyway’. And if you can make something wonderful out of the little bits that aren’t as shiny or spectacular–or even the ones that are–it makes life all the better to live.